Photo Restoration – Repair faded and damaged pictures, retouching, enhancements and other custom effects.  Payments and ordering will go through my Esty shop:

Before Ordering:
Please email your photo to

Ideally I need a scanned image of the original photograph. If you are sending mobile phone photo of the image, please make sure it is not blurry and you take it out of any frame it may be in. I will determine if the photo can be restored and provide the price. I do a flat fee of £20 but if the photograph requires a lot more work, then it may be more. Prices are per image.

Once approved: 
Once your photo is approved please complete the following steps. If you are unable to follow the steps please contact me and we can arrange a different method; most likely posting the image to me.

  • Scan in your image to the highest possible quality you can (preferably 300 or more DPI)
  • Email your image to
  • Allow 3-5 business days: I will spend a lot of time and attention with every image I receive. The process does take time to achieve excellent results.
  • I will send you a proof of your image for your approval. You can make any changes at this point.
  • Once satisfied, you will then purchase and complete your order of this listing.
  • When your order is received I will then email you a final copy of your image.

If you have any questions about the process please contact me here or on Etsy.